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Kiwi Ad Envy #9: Flick thinks outside the box

Flick Electric is a new power company that is shaking up the market by offering “the fairest deal” by giving customers access to wholesale spot pricing. So how can you get your message out in a crowded market? Flick Electric has come up with a creative idea to employ their best customers to spread the word in Wellington. They’re offering customers a month’s worth of free power for displaying their signage in their yard. Part of the deal is if people ask about the Flick lightbox, customers explain their experience as a “Flickster”. Read more

Is your advertising good enough to be stolen?

A couple of weeks ago the “Stop before you start” anti smoking campaign by GSL Promotus took out the Friday Ad Envy with their creepy but effective TV spots. Their unappealing smoking buddy has been rolled out to other mediums, where he’s been more popular than you’d expect!

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Battle of the Burgers (and Billboards)

Recently Burger Fuel opened a new store in Haitaitai, Wellington. Competitor Burger Wisconsin took this strategic billboard placement next door to try an lure customers back to them.  What do you think a clever ploy or dirty tactics?  

Billboard wars are not uncommon between brand – here’s a couple of international examples:
Photo via Jest.com
Photo via Creative Criminals

But Audi gets some points back for this one. Not a battle but definitely a clever use of current events in a billboard!

Photo via Creative Criminals

Top of the Pop Ups – Lasting Impressions, Temporary Stores

Pop up stores cater perfectly to our short attention spans and fascination with the new. A pop store can provide a brand access to high foot traffic locations, integration with large events and flexibility from retail leases. When well executed a pop up store can become a powerful brand statement and create a lasting experience for customers.

Here’s a few of my favourite New Zealand pop ups:

Rekorderlig’s Winter Lights Bar
This week Rekorderlig launched their “Winter Lights” bar in Auckland. Complete with a pine forest and fireplace the pop up bar cost $400,000 to create and promote.

Emma Rock, Rekorderlig Brand Manager, describes the pop up as “a winter wonderland that delivers an immersive experience and brings our Beautifully Swedish mantra to life” (Stoppress.co.nz).  (SEE MORE POP UP STORES AFTER THE JUMP)

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