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Conscious Fashion and Storytelling

Last night, I attended an event run by Women’s Collective at the Biz Dojo (yes I should pretty much move in there!). The founder of fashion label KowTow, Gosia Piatek, shared her inspiring story.

I went to the event as a fan and customer of Kowtow. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the compay’s values through Women’s Collective. This lead me to be curious, why would a company with such a compelling story not leverage it in their marketing?

The answer was surprising, flipping the theory of marketing storytelling on it’s head.  Read more

A Lesson In “Bloody” Brilliant Viral Marketing

Vellington (formerly known as Wellington) has been overrun with vampires and the locals have welcomed them with open veins. The viral promotion for the upcoming Kiwi film “What We Do In The Shadows” is 100% envy worthy. It’s a textbook example of how viral marketing should be done. The vampire mocumentary was filmed in Wellington making it the perfect place to unleash some creative marketing.

Vellington Sign

The Wellington sign has had a fair amount of attention, the original plan to erect a “Wellywood” sign was met with negativity. Eventually a public vote lead to the choice of the current windswept Wellington sign. Now the sign has undergone another change – this time a blood red “V” has turned the sign into “Vellington”. A brilliant stunt that had the Twitterverse enthralled. @DeliciousNecks is brilliantly amusing and a host of Wellington companies have gotten into the “sving” of things too.

Also worth a mention is the collaboration with Absolutely Positively Wellington (folks in charge of Wellington tourism marketing) to create the Vampires Guide to Vellington.

What Wo Do In The Shadows follows a flat of three vampires just trying to lead a normal life in Wellington. It look hilarious and I cant wait to see it (check out the trailer). Other activities have included a fan art competition to design the movie’s unofficial poster, a Delicious Necks beer created, a TradeMe account selling their ‘personal belongings’ and fake dating profiles on an online dating site.

A brilliantly co-ordinated campaign that no doubt took a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Well done to all involved!