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The Last 55 – WWF Campaign to protect Maui’s Dolphins

It’s been a little quiet on The Envy Collection lately as I gave myself a little time off while I settled into a new role at NZ software company SilverStripe – you can read more in my “About” page. But the ‘holiday’ is now over and it’s time to get back to what I love doing – blogging about advertising!

My latest post for Social Media NZ went live yesterday and it’s one of my favourite interviews to date. I interviewed Mike O’Connor, Communications Support for WWF New Zealand about their campaign “The Last 55” which raised awareness of the plight of Maui’s Dolphins. The campaign’s print ads featured in a previous Friday Ad Envy and it was great to learn more about the social media elements. This is a brilliant campaign that demonstrates how traditional and social media can be effectively layered together.

Check out the full post – and the impressive results achieved here Social Media Spotlight: The Last 55 – WWF’s Maui’s Dolphin Campaign.

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Vote for me! Election Advertising in NZ

Election advertising is an interesting discipline given it’s extremely prominent for a few months every three years, can be subject to intense public scrutiny, and is regulated by a specific set of rules that aim to create transparency. With the New Zealand general election coming up on the 20th of September we’ve now entered the regulated period (20 June to 19 September). Within this period, there are limits as to how much candidates and parties can spend on ‘election expenses’ such as advertising.  Read more