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The rise of the one to one video

Yesterday at the Wellington Marketing Meetup the topic was content marketing. Two talented speakers shared their wisdom, both the things that worked and the things that didn’t. We are lucky to be able to provide highly experienced speakers completely for free. A massive thank you to our sponsors 90 Seconds and Biz Dojo for making it possible!

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Wellington now has a Marketing Meetup!

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve decided to start a Wellington Marketing Meetup. It’s been a thought I’ve had for a while but was always concerned I wouldn’t be able to sustain it alone. Luckily there’s an awesome marketing community in Wellington so I have a team of helpers signed up to help me bring this idea to life.
To those people who have already offered help, ideas and venues, thank you. You have given me the motivation to get this thing started and I’m sure you’ll help greatly in keeping it going.
If you’re interested in marketing and based in Wellington make sure you sign up to the group. We’re hoping to have the first event in 4-6 weeks so make sure you’re in the loop.

Join the Wellington Marketing Meetup Group!

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Event Marketing Part 4: Pre planning your post event plan

In the first three posts of this Event Marketing series I’ve talked about the lead up to the event and what happens on the day. There’s a lot of time, effort and investment that goes into preparing for an event.

How much time do you spend on an event after it’s over?

Research shows that less than 70% of companies develop plans for following up with prospects after sales events, despite the fact that following up post-event increases the likelihood of converting prospects into leads and buyers (Source: Vendere Partners).

Here’s some tips for getting the most out of your event marketing spending by having a robust follow up plan post event… Read more

Event Marketing Part 2: Don’t use promo girls

I’ve organised a multitude of tradeshows and conference booths (mainly home improvement and tech events). There’s a lot of work in the lead up but your actual results hinge on what happens on the day. You can the best laid plans, most amazing stand and outstanding merch but still fail miserably. There’s one key ingredient that can make or break your event. Read more