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Blogging challenge update: Writing on Medium

Super observant readers would have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. But don’t worry, my 30 day blogging challenge is still intact. I instead posted to Medium.

I wrote a long form piece on content marketing. The inspiration for this piece was an earlier post “Stop calling it marketing“. I suggested that marketers shouldn’t be writing content. This lead to a few questions on how to encourage company experts to create content such as… Read more

Stop calling it content marketing!

Tonight was my first real struggle with my 30 day blogging challenge. I had an after hours conference call to London (less glamorous than it sounds) and a work presentation to write.I didn’t want to rush my report on Concentrate’s presentation “What’s stopping kiwi tech companies selling more?”. I was convinced a quick update was all I had time for. Maybe a teaser to a longer post later. To my surprise it morphed into a full blog post.Well done 30 day challenge – you tricked me into blogging!

So here’s my thoughts on why “content marketing” is a rubbish term…  Read more