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Must-reads blog posts for tech marketers

I love reading blogs because they often contain less refined personal accounts. I often learn more from firsthand experiences of what works or doesn’t work than high-level thought pieces.

I read dozens of posts a week, but only a handful leave a lasting impact. A select few permanently change my perspective.

I wanted to share the blogs that achieved this in 2015.

If you’re taking it easy over Christmas, I’d highly recommend putting these on your reading list! Read more

A blog a day keeps mental blocks away

This week I finished my personal blogging challenge to post once a day for 30 days straight. It was definitely a struggle at times but it was exactly what I need to kick start my blog again and get over the mental blocks!

As well as blogging every day I tried to expand my topics from advertising to include my own marketing advice, web design and social media. The interesting thing was a topic I hadn’t event considered was my most popular – company culture. It’s something I’m deeply interested in so it was fantastic to find there’s an audience hungry for these thoughts!

The pressure of blogging daily forced me to move past my perfectionism and “ship early” (a tech term relating to getting products into users hands creating value as quickly as by shipping small updates often). While I had to live with the occasional sub par post or typo, overall the positives outweighed the negatives strongly.

I’m excited to say this is only the beginning.

Here’s some of the results from my 30 days of blogging: Read more

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

It’s been a while since I last posted. As part of my new role at SilverStripe I regularly blog on our company site. SilverStripe develops a fantastic open source CMS (content management system) so my personal WordPress blog felt a bit like cheating! Writing on The Envy Collection lost a bit of it’s shine and my enthusiasm waned.

There’s a few other poor excuses which boil down to not making blogging a priority. I’m a big believer that if something’s not being done, it’s not that it’s not important, rather it’s not a priority.

It was D-day for The Envy Collection. I needed to make a call on whether I packed in blogging completely or gave it another go. Was blogging worth making a priority again? Read more