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Why I love Twitter!

For the last year I’ve wanted to start a marketing Meetup in Wellington. A welcoming environment for people who love marketing to share learnings and help each other.

A Meetup Group is a local community. Meetups are free events which bring together people with a common interest to share knowledge and meet others.

Since starting at SilverStripe I’ve seen how these groups provide huge benefits. As well as the knowledge sharing and networks, they’re great environments for newer practitioners to speak. The usual format is 2-3 short presentations where designers and developers talk about things they’ve created and problems they’ve overcome. It’s more about sharing than showing off. Read more

10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Typography Lovers

I love typography especially hand lettering. I can easily lose track of time when browsing typography on Pinterest and Instagram. I wanted to my favourite typography accounts on Instagram. They’re the perfect place to find some inspiration and a little bit of lettering envy!

1. Gemma O’Brien 

I first fell for Gemma’s work at Semi Permanent in 2013. Her typography has been used for advertising campaigns by Brancott Estate winesWoolworths and a stunning series of hand painted billboards for Kirin.

Plus she also started the Instagram “Sick Bag Challenge”, where people create beautiful typography puns on sick bags while on flights. Seriously, she makes sick bags into art. Read more

The Last 55 – WWF Campaign to protect Maui’s Dolphins

It’s been a little quiet on The Envy Collection lately as I gave myself a little time off while I settled into a new role at NZ software company SilverStripe – you can read more in my “About” page. But the ‘holiday’ is now over and it’s time to get back to what I love doing – blogging about advertising!

My latest post for Social Media NZ went live yesterday and it’s one of my favourite interviews to date. I interviewed Mike O’Connor, Communications Support for WWF New Zealand about their campaign “The Last 55” which raised awareness of the plight of Maui’s Dolphins. The campaign’s print ads featured in a previous Friday Ad Envy and it was great to learn more about the social media elements. This is a brilliant campaign that demonstrates how traditional and social media can be effectively layered together.

Check out the full post – and the impressive results achieved here Social Media Spotlight: The Last 55 – WWF’s Maui’s Dolphin Campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.52.11 pm

Announcing my new Social Media NZ feature

I’m excited to announce I am teaming up with Social Media NZ to write a new monthly Social Media Spotlight. The feature case studies on how New Zealand companies, brands and personalities are using social media. Each month we will highlight best practices for social media, tips for measuring success and sharing what works (and what doesn’t).

To check out the background for the feature – plus to add your two cents on what you’d like to see covered take a look at the launch article. We’ll be talking to some of the country’s best social media practitioners from a wide variety of companies and perspectives, I’m fascinated to see what will come out of the process!

How I spent Social Media Day

In case you missed it, yesterday was international Social Media Day. One of those fantastic made up days that often goes unnoticed. Let’s be honest, if there’s not a public holiday attached it’s business as usual. It could have slipped by unnoticed like Soap Opera Day (1st April) or Phone Book Day (21st Feb) had the lovely people at Hootsuite and BizDojo not decided to put on a fantastic event to celebrate. Read more

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