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Must-reads blog posts for tech marketers

I love reading blogs because they often contain less refined personal accounts. I often learn more from firsthand experiences of what works or doesn’t work than high-level thought pieces.

I read dozens of posts a week, but only a handful leave a lasting impact. A select few permanently change my perspective.

I wanted to share the blogs that achieved this in 2015.

If you’re taking it easy over Christmas, I’d highly recommend putting these on your reading list! Read more

Music and advertising – a perfect partnership

“Apple has proven that every time a iPod is created, an indie band gets their wings”~ Taylor Magenheim, Buzzfeed writer (via. Mashable)

While at Wellington’s Homegrown festival I noticed certain songs have been well and truly hijacked by the brands who have used them in their advertising. Examples included Op Shop’s One Day used by NZ Post, Tiki Taane’s Always On My Mind used by BNZ, and The Feelers Stand Up which was used in the 2012 National Election Campaign. It’s impossible to listen to these tunes without having the brands and ads pop into your head.

But why? Studies dissecting music’s effect on consumers suggest that songs — more often than not — positively influence responses to advertising. The right song choice can influence how long a person watches a commercial and sway them into buying what’s in the ad.
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Top 5: Fun Halloween Advertising Campaigns

Halloween is about having fun – treats, tricks and dressing up – no downside! Here’s my top five creative Halloween advertising campaigns – while the confectionery category was (logically) well represented the automotive brands also had some great ideas.


1. Honda “We’re fans of you too” Jack o’ Lanterns 
Last year Honda created a Facebook photo album “True Love Can Be Scary” to recognise fans who had carved Honda inspired Jack-o-Lanterns. This year they repaid their fans love by commissioning Jack-o-Lanterns to be carved in the likeness of their Facebook fans. 

Honda’s Halloween “We’re fans of you too” Facebook Album 

What I like is that this fits into the larger “We’re fans of you too” advertising campaign. The Facebook page is used to glorify and spread obsessive fan love – photos include Honda tattoos, haircuts and lawns mowed into the logo. They’re currently running an “experiment” based on the fact that everyone knows someone who loves Honda – aka the Kevin Bacon experiment. View the Honda facebook page here

2. Guinness Halloween Coasters
This is from 2009 but was worth including to demonstrate how great a simple, well-executed idea can be. The concept was used by a bar in Romania to promote sales of Guinness during their Halloween party.   

Guinness’s striking black colour makes it a natural fit for Halloween – here’s a print ad from this year’s campaign:

Envied at: Ads of the World 

3. Chupa Chups Scream Stopper 
Taking a different approach Chupa Chups market themselves as the ultimate “Scream Stopper” for this Halloween – making you seem braver by stemming the flow of embarrassing high pitched screams. 

Envied at: Ads of the World

4. Mini Dress Up
In the spirit of dressing up Mini allowed “other” cars to a Mini for a night with these one size fits all car costume.

Envied at: I Believe in Advertising 

5. Google Pumpkins
And lastly from Google comes this time-delay video – nice to see them get into the Halloween advertising spirit too!  

5 Great Post It Ad Campaigns

I love stationary! Post It notes are a wonderful invention that have a multitude of uses… here are 5 advertising ones… only one of which is actually for Post It themselves! 

Number 1: Galeria Melissa (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Using stop-motion animation and 350,000 Post It notes this is truly amazing. The patience and imagination required to pull this off are mind blowing!

This isn’t actually to promote Post Its (although I hope they came to the party with a discount on all those notes!) – the installation covered the facade of Melissa, Sao Paulo.It was used to launch their “Power of Lover spring/summer 2012 collection. It took 25 animators 5 months to create the piece. As a lovely unexpected twist to this tale, 30,000 spontaneous love note were written by Melissa fans and visitors – now that’s powerful brand love!  

Envied at Best Ads on TV

Number 2: Whitcoulls – Mother’s Day Window (Auckland, NZ) 
8,700 Post Its covered the windows of a bookstore in Auckland’s CBD to celebrate Mother’s Day 2010.  

Seems the concept was well received with crowds gathering to write on the Post Its throughout the weekend

Envied at Opinion Added (more info on installation and pics through this link)

Number 3: Oral B Teeth Whitening (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 
The essence of Envy Collection – a simple idea, executed beautifully. Oral-B’s product makes your teeth whiter the more you use it, and the post-it note pad get’s whiter the more you use it – brilliant! 

Number 4: Will & Kate Wedding Post It 
Like many others I was swept up in the romance of the royal wedding, and this billboard scores points for timeliness and “cute” factor.

Text reads:
Will ❤ Kate 
May you stick together forever.

Envied at ad180

Number 5: Wii’ll not forget 
Capitalising on the trend for all things retro Nintendo introduced the ability to play oldschool games like Mario and Donkey Kong on it’s Wii console. Each Post It had a tribute on the back “Wii’ll not forget” and the elevator pitch. 

Envied at Planet Bizzle

Bonus Campaign – Accidental movie product placement 
Post Its always remind me of Romy’s & Michelle’s High School Reunion – when they pretend to be rich from inventing Post Its – classic!

25 best TV ads according to Cannes

As judged by Cannes Lions these are the best 25 TV ads from around the world, as you would expect cars and beer dominate but there’s a few other gems. Here’s my favourite picks, the full 25 can be watched here at Stoppress.

Nike – Write the future
Nike’s TV campaign for the 2010 Soccer World Cup was one of the main reasons that it successfully usurped actual event sponsors Adidas. The campaign was viewed on YouTube by over 20 million people. According to a Nielsen survey that tracks brand buzz (by examining brand references in blogs, online message boards, and social networking sites), Nike enjoyed more than double the share of buzz associated with the World Cup than its rival Adidas (30.2% share of buzz vs. 14.4% respectively). 
(source: Harvard Business Review Online)

Nike ‘Write the Future’ by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Independent, London.

Carlton Beer
This ad seeks to demonstrate why men look better in slow moment – the backing music makes this ad. A bit drawn out for my liking though. Check out the dancing man in the striped tee – a dead riger for Jack Black.

Fosters ‘Slo Mo’ by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Plaza Films.

Lynx/Axe – Dry
In traditionally cheeky style – Axe (Lynx) campaigns to stop “Premature Perspiration”.

Unilever ‘Premature Perspiration’, by Ponce Buenos Aires and Primo.

Chrysler “Born of Fire”
Featuring Eminem and his music this ad trys to add cool factor back to Chrysler and plays on American pride. The execution couldn’t be further away from the other car winner VW “The Force” – also worth a watch.

Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’ by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Serial Pictures.

Scope “See the person”
One of two not-for-profits that made the Top 25 honors. This one is from closer to home
Scope ‘See the person’ by Leo Burnett and The Pound in Australia. (NZ unfortunately didn’t do as well as past years at the 2011 Cannes Lions – ending up with a few Bronzes but missing out on grand prizes)

Skittles – Touch the Rainbow
Clever idea to involve the watcher – can’t help feeling like it could have been pushed further with more than one “touch point”.

Skittles ‘Cage Cop’, ‘Hitchhiker’ and ‘Cat’ by BBDO Canada and OPC Toronto.

Google Chrome – Speed Test
Lastly I’ve included this one because it’s obviously good but more interestingly it was the only winner that demonstrated a clear product based USP (unique selling proposition) – the speed of Google’s Chrome. The other ads seemed to rely on the execution alone to support the brand rather than telling me anything that was particularly special about the product (how are slow mo men convincing me that the beer is going to taste good – guess that’s hardly the point though!).

Google ‘Chrome Speed Tests’ by BBH New York and First Ave Machine.
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