About Me – Nicole Williams

I’m a self-confessed geek, obsessed with all things marketing. In my spare time I blog, mentor junior marketers and run the Wellington Marketing Meetup.

I started my career with 8 years marketing consumer products for Mitsubishi Electric NZ. Then I joined the tech industry as the Marketing Manager of NZ software company SilverStripe. The mix of marketing, web design and tech was an amazing opportunity to roll all my passions together. I’m one of those lucky people who truly loves what I do!

About The Envy Collection

This blog is all about being in awe of an idea, while also being a teensy bit envious that you didn’t think of it first. For me, this feeling usually happens when I see excellent advertising, beautiful branding or inspirational design.

This blog is a showcase of advertising, branding and marketing ideas. These brands inspire me to become a better marketer, and provides my mind with a well of ideas to draw from.

Other places you can find me

  • Noteworthy – my Tumblr collection of sketchnotes and drawings
  • Wellington Marketers Meetup – a monthly event I organise for marketers to share and learn
  • Linkedin – in case you want my full professional background
  • Instagram – for countless photos of my fur babies
  • Twitter – because that’s where the cool kids are, well at least the interesting kids

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