Bittersweet beginnings and endings

Bittersweet is a term I find myself using a lot at the moment. A lot of exciting things have happened over the last few weeks, but for these to come about, I’ve had to say goodbye to some other things.

First the big news… 

I’m going to travel the world for 5 months. I literally booked a round-the-world ticket. My husband and I head to South Africa to explore Kruger National Park then traverse Europe multiple times before finally heading to South America to trek the Inca trail.

Excited is an understatement! 

But, this obviously means I have to let go of my role at SilverStripe. This was an incredibly tough call. It’s never easy leaving a great job! I’ve always tried to have everything, and juggle all opportunities but I knew this wasn’t the right approach this time. Travelling the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which deserves my full attention and energy!

But it’s bitter sweet as the SilverStripe projects and processes I’ve worked on over the past 18 months are starting to really take off. I’ve learnt a tonne at SilverStripe, especially about Agile approaches, open source communities and working with developers. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been on this journey with the scope to shape marketing at SilverStripe from scratch.

I love working in tech. I’ve found my happy place!  

Speaking of which, my other happy place is the Wellington Marketing Meetup. Anyone who came to our event with Xero and NZTA will know why. It’s such a positive and welcoming community of marketers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.34.17 pm.png

Bigger and better – Jolene Makisi, Marketing Operation and Automation Director of Xero speaking to a full house of enthralled marketers.  

The WMM organising team is amazing and the meetups are all planned. I’m just gutted to miss them!

But I can’t spend 5 months completely free from marketing! Anyone who knows me, knows that’s now possible. Travelling the world also gives me a huge opportunity to meet and share knowledge from marketers across the globe. It’s like a meetup road trip! But I didn’t feel I could do that under The Envy Collection blog.

I started The Envy Collection 5 years ago! It’s been the perfect vehicle to learn about content marketing, web design and online writing. But it was always a place to share other people’s ad campaigns. My passion has become the processes and science behind these campaigns, and as I’ve grown I’ve become more comfortable sharing my own knowledge.

Unsurprisingly, after 5 years, I’ve grown up and outgrown The Envy Collection. I expect these bitter sweet feelings will linger. Thank you to every person who has read, commented or shared my posts. There’s nothing quite like meeting a stranger who’s read your work and enjoyed it! (YAY! It’s not just my mum!!!)

So when I thought of all the things that I would desperately miss while travelling, an opportunity presented itself. I have started a new website: and will be launching a podcast under the same brand in the next few weeks. In this space, I’ll be interviewing some of the best and brightest minds about tech marketing.

But it’s not just for tech marketers! My biggest takeaway from working in tech is that marketing needs to be more accountable, focused on ROI and hungry to run measurable experiments. Marketers need to move quickly, embracing new technology with vigour. The tech marketers I know are on the cutting edge of marketing practices. I’m excited to share their insights to help marketers in all industries.

Thanks for supporting The Envy Collection. It’s been an amazing 5 years, but adventure and challenges await. Hopefully you’ll read the next chapter too.

So come over to my new place, Tech Marketer, I’d love to see you there.





Header image thanks to Unsplash



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