New Westpac TV Campaign Featuring Richie McCaw

A while ago I blogged about how to use Richie McCaw in your advertising. Spoiler: it works better when he doesn’t talk. Yes, Richie is a hugely respected and inspirational figure. But acting is his Achilles’ heel. He’s nearly perfect so we should cut him a break and embrace his strengths.

In the past, he’s been brilliant in the fanatical fan Mastercard ads, used as a supporting role not the lead actor. More recently, his staunch Beats campaign roused the nation during the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and took the All Blacks all the way to Times Square.

Richie in Times Sq.jpg

Richie on the world stage, via @essentially_grp

Westpac has now also embraced Richie’s serious and silent side in their new TV campaign. The campaign also ushers in Westpac’s new branding, with a modernised, flat logo. At work, we were stoked to bring the digital side to life on their website that runs on SilverStripe CMS. It’s great to see all the elements of the rebranding coming together.

You may not notice at first but the copywriting is particularly clever. The script is repeated in reverse when the ad swaps from backwards to forward motion. It’s a technique I’ve find fascinating since first seeing it on these outdoor advertisements for homeless shelter Depaul.


As seen on Adweek 


I like the new Westpac ad but wonder if it’s too close in style and feel to the Beats campaign. What do you think? 

Header image via Westpac NZ Facebook.

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