The rise of the one to one video

Yesterday at the Wellington Marketing Meetup the topic was content marketing. Two talented speakers shared their wisdom, both the things that worked and the things that didn’t. We are lucky to be able to provide highly experienced speakers completely for free. A massive thank you to our sponsors 90 Seconds and Biz Dojo for making it possible!

Here’s a few highlights…

Shona Riddell – Freelance Content Strategist

Shona offered the group great practical advice on getting content right from starting with your brand voice persona through to tailoring the content correctly.

  • Creating compelling content is harder than it sounds!
  • Simple things like adding regional mentions in call to action buttons in email increase click through eg. View Wellington listings not View listings
  • Personalised/timely content is great but also consider region – eg winter coast sales in Jan for a kiwi audience is frustrating and unhelpful
  • Everything on your webpage is content – not just the words
  • AB test everything you do!
Shona explaining the StarNow brand voice

Shona explaining the StarNow brand voice “Zoe”

Marcus Wild – GM of 90 Seconds

Marcus presented a compelling new approach to video, challenging us to think less quality of audience over quantity. He put forward a strong argument that highly personalised videos designed to be seen by only one ever


  • One person, one message, one video
  • If you could put your message in front of any one person, who would it be and what would you say?
  • Great example of this approach – Christina’s “Why I want to work at Z” video. Highly targeted with a clear message. Landed her a job in digital marketing for StarNow.
  • Do not be arrogant enough to think you can create a place for customers to come, put content where they are already
  • The average watch time for advertising videos is 2.5mins – be relevant and entertaining and people will watch
  • To increase time with brand: make a hero video and then support it with hub content (making of, behind scenes) to increase engagement
  • Good example: Volvo Epic Splits – created an amazing hero moment but then created content around this to continue the story and allow the audience to keep engaging (compare to Air NZ in flight videos that stand alone).

Check out more tips from the speakers on #WGTNMM also.

The next meetup is November 18th. We have another two great speakers lined up. Well actually, the inspiring Jessica Venning Bryan and myself! RSVPs are full but jump on the waitlist as there’s usually drop offs closer to the date and we’re working to squeeze in more at Flick Electric. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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