Kiwi Ad Envy #9: Flick thinks outside the box

Flick Electric is a new power company that is shaking up the market by offering “the fairest deal” by giving customers access to wholesale spot pricing. So how can you get your message out in a crowded market? Flick Electric has come up with a creative idea to employ their best customers to spread the word in Wellington. They’re offering customers a month’s worth of free power for displaying their signage in their yard. Part of the deal is if people ask about the Flick lightbox, customers explain their experience as a “Flickster”.

Flick electrical sign

A photo of the sign in an Island Bay home where apparently it’s caused a bit of a stir with passerbys stopping to ask what it’s about.

This is a cool idea which turns passionate customers into spokespeople. In the middle of a freezing Wellington winter, power bills will be on many people’s minds, so it’s a great chance to tap into this. I’m curious to see whether Wellingtontoians embrace the idea to turn their homes into billboards for free power. What do you think? Would you invite the general public to your door by converting your front yard into an advertisement? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


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