Kiwi Ad Envy #7 – Lotto bets on another big idea

In the ever accountable world of marketing, agencies can find it hard to get client backing for the big, creative ideas over the more measurable “sure things”. Creativity often comes with an implicit risk. Big ideas often involve a mixture of research, deeper customer understanding and a touch of gut feel. Luckily there’s still some brands who prepared to take a gamble, funnily enough, Lotto is one of those. Lotto has always been great at heart-tugging storytelling based on creative “big ideas”. Back in 2010 they charmed the nation with the story of Wilson, the lost dog who survives being thrown overboard to return the winning ticket to his owner. The emotional campaign swept up the nation in the dream of winning “the big one”. Wilson won the hearts and minds of New Zealanders and shot Lotto sales through the roof despite a previously despondent public and the double whammy of a GST hike and product price increase (ThinkTV).

“We have a completely intangible product. You’re buying a piece of yellow paper. Marketing is what gives it meaning; creates the emotion around it that gives it its value. The value is the dream and there’s no better medium than television to bring a dream to life.”

~ Wendy Rayner, former Head of Marketing, NZ Lotteries (ThinkTV interview)

Now Lotto is back with another story, in the long-form 90 second “Imagine” again takes the watcher on an emotional journey and “makes it more pirate-y”…

As explained to Stoppress, this campaign is a conscious move away from Lotto’s previous “High Five” campaign where they recreated the feeling of winning, and a welcome return to stories of what winning could enable.

“It’s not just about the things they can buy, but more about the freedom to choose how to spend their time and being able to focus on what really matters – quality time with family and friends.”

~ Guy Cousins, Chief Marketing Officer, NZ Lotteries

What do you think of the new Lotto campaign? Do you think this will follow in Wilson’s steps and be another FairGo “Best Ad” winner?

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