Kiwi Ad Envy #6 – Twitter nominated edition

I took to Twitter to gather nominations for this week’s Kiwi Ad Envy. It was a fun way to uncover smaller campaigns that I hadn’t seen. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

I’m always on the lookout from great Kiwi advertising so let me know on Twitter or Facebook if you spot any!

1. Minions TradeMe Job Ad

If you have a general interest in all things evil and are constantly plotting new, ridiculously despicable plans then this is the job for you!

Nominated by Alicia, I absolutely love this creative promotion for the upcoming movie Minions. You can “apply” to be the Minions “evil master” through Kevin the Minion’s Facebook page. The ad has been viewed over 45,000 times and plenty of people have entered for the position. I must admit the actual competition is a little mysterious and vague. The only details listed state: “If you win the job as our new master, you and the most evil of your friends will be joining us for a very wicked time – but you will only find out what that is after the 5th of July.”. Guess we’ll need to wait and see!

Minions_TradeMe_Job Ad

2. Asics

Arpita’s eye was caught by this in store signage for Asics which uses clever photoshopping to inspire Kiwi runners. To be honest, during winter, my running adventures are generally constrained to the treadmill!


3. The Co-Operative Bank “Jeff the Snake”

In fairness, Hamish’s input was less of a nomination and more of a critique. While he liked The Co-Operative Bank’s unique concept and execution he was less impressed with the “patronising” voice over. I think there’s still envy potential in this campaign. I like that there is a strong differentiating position which can be built upon. As well as a creative concept, there’s a clear reason for customers to care and make the effort to switch.

Which is your favourite ad this week?

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