Kiwi Ad Envy #5: BNZ $hred, Farmstrong and Rebel Sports

Last week Lewis Road Creamery’s “Breast” milk campaign was the most popular Kiwi Ad Envy for the week. This week a creative direct mailer from BNZ goes up against a campaign designed to reduce suicides by kiwi farmers and some motivational tagging. 

1. BNZ $hred

Direct mail (DM) has lost some of it’s sex appeal in the past decade. Digital and social have become the golden children of the marketing world. But creative DM campaigns can also reach customers in a way digital can’t, by grabbing their attention offline.

BNZ sent customers $1,000 worth of shredded cash to highlight the money they were wasting paying unnecessarily high home loan rates. They increased enquires by 13%, brand preference by 11% and the campaign lead to a massive $600M in new lending. The campaign has just been named a finalist in the Cannes Lions Direct Mail category.

2. FarmStrong “Live Well, Farm Well”

Farmstrong is a new initiative between the Mental Health Foundation, rural insurer FMG and the charity Movember. Recognising that farmers are the most important asset on any farm Farmstrong promotes wellbeing with practical advice aimed at this stereotypically “kiwi bloke” audience. There’s a great mix of humour that keeps this from being too preachy. It will be interesting to see whether this approach actually resonates with farmers.

3. Rebel Sports “Team Spirit”

I’m quite a fan of Rebel Sport’s winter branding campaigns and this new release also adds in another favourite of mine – graffiti art. The unnamed artist brings to life Birkenhead AFC’s club motto: Hard work pays off.

Rebel Sport’s says the public can look forward to a new art installation at a different sports club next month by its mysterious artist who has chosen to remain anonymous.

It’s a truly diverse range of Kiwi advertising this week, don’t forget to vote for you favourite below!

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