Kiwi Ad Envy #4 – Home mag, Rinnai & Lewis Road Creamery

Last week NZ Post’s “You Can” reigned supreme over the weekly Ad Envy. This week two brands stir controversy for good causes, and I share some terrible roadside paparazzi shots of a great billboard.

1. Home magazine “It’s not ok” 

Home features New Zealand’s most stylish residences in gorgeous full colour spreads. However, in their latest edition one of the homes will stand out for all the wrong reasons. While appearing to be like every other abode, when you look closer you realise all is not as it seems. A blood smear on the kitchen bench, an overturned chair and broken ceramics point to a darker reality.

Home has partnered with charity “It’s not OK” to bring attention to the misconception that domestic violence only happens in low socio-economic homes. It’s a confronting reality that is sure change the perceptions of some readers.

Homemag_domestic violence ad

2. Rinnai “Real fire billboard”

While I used to market a heat pump brand I can appreciate this clever billboard from Rinnai. They take a shot directly at the competition with a key advantage that’s hard to overcome – the ambience of fire.

They have installed a giant screen over a traditional billboard panel in central Auckland. It’s hard not to be drawn in by the flickering flames, especially on a drizzly winter’s evening like today!

Apologies for the terrible iPhone photography!

3. Lewis Road Creamery “Breast Milk”

While this move has offended some breast feeding advocates, overall it’s raised plenty of awareness and started a lot of conversations about drinking breast milk! The campaign is actually to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer with 20 cents from each sale going to charity.

Lewis Road Creamery_Breast Milk

Which campaign do you think is the best in this week’s Ad Envy? Make sure to place your vote below!

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