Kiwi Ad Envy #3: Stand for NZ, NZTA and NZ Post

This week’s Kiwi Ad Envy is truly Kiwi with campaigns from Stand for NZ, NZTA and NZ Post. It also contains some famous faces from Game of Thrones Charles Dance to homegrown Olympian Beatrice Faumuina. Have a look at these three top ads from the past week and vote for your favourite!

1. Stand for NZ “Keep sharing New Zealand”

Close to $7M of the estimated $25M to run the flag change referendum is going into advertising so that Kiwis understand the process and have their say.

I don’t envy the selection panels job in shortlisting four flags for the referendum later this year. In the meantime, I’m amusing myself playing name the influencer in this clip. It’s like a local faces pop quiz.

2. NZTA “Community Speedo”

NZTA and ad agency Clemenger BBDO Wellington won May’s Newspaper Ad of the Month with this ‘Community Speedo’ ad. It ran as a double full page spread in national newspapers which was hard to ignore.

Variations have been used across social media, outdoor advertising and on digital screens in petrol stations. In these contexts the ads are personalised to the suburb to increase relevance and strike a chord with local communities.

I really enjoy understanding the thought process behind creative so it was interesting to read the inspiration for this campaign was founded in research into speeding behaviour. Turns out we’re a lot more careful in our own neighbourhoods!

“This work… is based on the insight that people do drive more slowly in their own neighbourhood than they do in other people’s neighbourhoods” ~ Clemenger BBDO’s Matt Barnes (Stoppress)

1432 NTA Community Speedo_DPS_275x400_6ks (1) numbers-facebook-ad

3. NZ Post “You Can”

Even though I’m not entirely sure I get this ad I still like it. I shouldn’t. On first glance it’s a hipster cliche full of beards but lacking in substance. Nothing really happens. It’s like they wrote an awesome radio ad and then threw in the visuals as an after thought.

However, while it might just be the star power of Charles Dance (aka Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones) or the fancy camera work but it does stand out from other ads. The narrative voice over reminds me of another NZTA campaign “Voice of Wisdom”. I love that NZ Post is leading with customer success stories like Cookie Time and The Warehouse. It shows not only how they are helping Kiwi businesses succeed but the relevance their business holds in an increasingily digital world. Dance even cheekily reminds the audience that yes, letters can still be posted.

What I don’t love so much is the blurry imagery used on their website which appears to be taken from the video rather. Paying what I can only assume was a large sum for Charles Dance and then showing him with is mouth half-open, mid sentence seems a little bizarre! Hopefully it’s a placeholder while the real pics are in post production…

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 8.49.33 pm

So what’s your favourite Kiwi ad this week? Don’t forget to vote below!


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