Why I love Twitter!

For the last year I’ve wanted to start a marketing Meetup in Wellington. A welcoming environment for people who love marketing to share learnings and help each other.

A Meetup Group is a local community. Meetups are free events which bring together people with a common interest to share knowledge and meet others.

Since starting at SilverStripe I’ve seen how these groups provide huge benefits. As well as the knowledge sharing and networks, they’re great environments for newer practitioners to speak. The usual format is 2-3 short presentations where designers and developers talk about things they’ve created and problems they’ve overcome. It’s more about sharing than showing off.

While meetups are commonplace in tech communities, they seem less prevalent in other business communities.

I’ve often wondered if this was because marketers are naturally more inclined to keep knowledge to themselves. Moving from a traditional marketing to an open source tech company has changed my thinking on what is commercially sensitive and what can be shared for the greater good.

Marketing knowledge is more commonly shared in conferences and courses. While these are great, they tend to have restrictions:

  • Speakers are often senior marketers only
  • It’s hard to get to know people properly
  • Topics tend to focus on large, big budget campaigns
  • They cost money to put together and attend
  • They happen during work hours
  • They happen infrequently

Meetups offer an alternative that overcomes these pain points and supplement formal professional development.

Tonight I went to an awesome Meetup run by SilverStripe UX developers. It was a mixture of talks and interactive discussion sessions. The buzz and energy was contagious.  It renewed my excitement to start a Wellington Marketing Meetup.

But realistically I can’t take this on alone. I’ll need help, and that’s exactly what Meetups are about. Communities coming together, not individual control.

So I sent one tweet to gauge the response and had 6 offers of help and a venue volunteered within 30 mins.

That’s the power of Twitter.

So the ball is officially rolling. I’m excited to see where this will go!

If you want to be involved come chat on Twitter. The more the merrier!

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