Ad Envy: Using play in advertising

These clever ads use play to delight and engage with their audiences. In each case they create a memorable experience for the people who discover them.

1. Traveller Insurance

These ads combined contextual targeting (it was installed in airports) and motion sensing projectors to create moments of play. I particularly enjoyed watching this gentleman go from cautious to completely careful interacting with the posters.

2. McDonalds “Sort your head head out”

McDonalds created interactive posters that were “push puzzles” to advertise selling large coffee at 1 Euro. The catchline “Sort your head out” works well but I’m not sure if people would have known to engage with the poster from these photos.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 6.30.27 pm

3. Café Pelé “The Contagious Billboard”

Another coffee campaign, this time from Café Pelé on a Brazilian underground. They created a contagious billboard that exploited that many people, easily morning commuters, yawn when they see others yawning.

4. Sonera “Speed Challenge”

Mobile operator Sonera was the first to open 4G mobile connection in Finland. Because the advantage of 4G is speed, Sonera created a game a reaction test.

Which of these ads would you want to have a go at? 

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