Air New Zealand’s latest safety video promotes key destinations

I’ve always seen Air New Zealand’s safety videos as brilliant brand building campaigns. They have garnered huge online views and international media attention. The latest Air New Zealand safety video has reached over 1 million YouTube views in just 2 days. It features international surf stars hitting the waves at Piha, Raglan, Malibu and the Gold Coast.

It was interesting to learn that Air New Zealand also finds these videos effective at promoting key destinations.  

“What we’ve learned over the past six years is that the safety video can do a fantastic job of supporting the market development team to drive revenue. A key aspiration with this video was to support the teams here in New Zealand and in the US and in Asia and to a degree in South America.” ~ Mike Tod, CMO, Air New Zealand (NZ Herald)

This is Air Zealand’s 11th safety video (starting back in 2009 with “Nothing left to hide” where body painted airline staff bared all). To check out all the videos check out the Air New Zealand YouTube channel.

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