Event marketing: The calm before the storm

Today has been the final day of preparations before the AWS Summit in Auckland tomorrow. A few days ago I showed you a sneak peak of the competition we are running. We anticipate that people won’t have a lot of time to participate in competitions or games so we’re keeping things simple. To enter you simply need to guess how many bricks are in the box. Getting enough bricks in our brand colours to fill a 40cm cube was a challenge in itself!

My tips for the day before a major event:

  • Touch base with your event team and check everyone knows the basics (when they need to be there, key messages/outcomes and their role for the day)
  • Touch base with any invited guests and remind them to come along (this will greatly help the RSVP turn up on the day, make sure to reiterate the basics of venue and time again!)
  • Check the event schedule (key talks, breaks you’ll get to interact with guests etc)
  • Get lots of sleep (I’m clearing ignoring this in an effort to stick to the blog post a day challenge!)
  • Ideally set up your stand so you’re ready to go (test AV and other elements are all running smoothly)

Tonight we packed in at AWS Summit. I’m pretty happy with how it’s all come together. This is of course the calm before the storm as tomorrow the event will see some 1,300 attendees descending on it. I can’t wait to test out all our ideas and find out how the market reacts to our messages. Should be fun!

I’ll share more about how the event works out and the follow up post event later in the week to continue my event marketing series. In the meantime, have a guess and tell me how many bricks you reckon are in the box!

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