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A blog a day keeps mental blocks away

This week I finished my personal blogging challenge to post once a day for 30 days straight. It was definitely a struggle at times but it was exactly what I need to kick start my blog again and get over the mental blocks!

As well as blogging every day I tried to expand my topics from advertising to include my own marketing advice, web design and social media. The interesting thing was a topic I hadn’t event considered was my most popular – company culture. It’s something I’m deeply interested in so it was fantastic to find there’s an audience hungry for these thoughts!

The pressure of blogging daily forced me to move past my perfectionism and “ship early” (a tech term relating to getting products into users hands creating value as quickly as by shipping small updates often). While I had to live with the occasional sub par post or typo, overall the positives outweighed the negatives strongly.

I’m excited to say this is only the beginning.

Here’s some of the results from my 30 days of blogging: Read more

“Imagine everyone naked” is terrible speaking advice

Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation on giving presentations. I’m following none of my own advice and haven’t practiced it anywhere enough! But I’m co-presenting with Chris Pitt, a brilliant developer and tech conference veteran, so I’m sure it will be great fun.

In our presentation we’re sharing practical advice about:

  • Submitting talks to conference organisers
  • Designing slides
  • Preparing a talk
  • Delivering a presentation

We won’t be sharing any cliches like “imagine everyone naked”!

Here’s two videos that we’ve referenced in our talk that are great for anyone wanting to become a better public speaker:  Read more

Great advertising goes to the dogs

The D&DA awards are a pretty big deal in the world of advertising. Each year they award a very small number of “Black Pencils” to the very cream of the advertising crop globally. This year Black Pencils were awarded to Procter’s Gamble’s #LikeaGirl and Intermache’s “Inglorious Fruit”. Both huge viral hits.

For the very first time a New Zealand campaign also won one of the coveted Black Pencils, one of only five awarded globally this year. Colenso BBDO/Proximity created a radio station for dogs for Pedigree. The campaign achieved 10 times the reach of the original budget and lead to a 3 year sales high within 2 months of launch. Check out how they did it: Read more

Kiwi Ad Envy #1

As part of my 30 day blogging challenge I’ve decided to reinstate my Friday Ad Envy feature. It was a popular feature which I enjoyed writing it but I found it hard to compare NZ to the entire world (paralysis of choice was often an issue!).

I’ve decided to give it another go but I’ll be tweaking two aspects:

  • Scope – focusing on NZ advertising only, there’s plenty of amazing campaigns to pick from right here
  • Timing – look out for “Kiwi Ad Envy” on Mondays which hopefully fits your reading habits better than heading into the weekend

There’s plenty of envy worthy TV campaigns to kick things of, here’s my three favourite from the last week. Read more

10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Typography Lovers

I love typography especially hand lettering. I can easily lose track of time when browsing typography on Pinterest and Instagram. I wanted to my favourite typography accounts on Instagram. They’re the perfect place to find some inspiration and a little bit of lettering envy!

1. Gemma O’Brien 

I first fell for Gemma’s work at Semi Permanent in 2013. Her typography has been used for advertising campaigns by Brancott Estate winesWoolworths and a stunning series of hand painted billboards for Kirin.

Plus she also started the Instagram “Sick Bag Challenge”, where people create beautiful typography puns on sick bags while on flights. Seriously, she makes sick bags into art. Read more

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