My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

It’s been a while since I last posted. As part of my new role at SilverStripe I regularly blog on our company site. SilverStripe develops a fantastic open source CMS (content management system) so my personal WordPress blog felt a bit like cheating! Writing on The Envy Collection lost a bit of it’s shine and my enthusiasm waned.

There’s a few other poor excuses which boil down to not making blogging a priority. I’m a big believer that if something’s not being done, it’s not that it’s not important, rather it’s not a priority.

It was D-day for The Envy Collection. I needed to make a call on whether I packed in blogging completely or gave it another go. Was blogging worth making a priority again?

Until now I’d focused on the work that blogging created so I spent some time reflecting on the enjoyment it had given me. I started this blog back in 2011 and it’s introduced me to a lot of great NZ marketing people, given me opportunities to write for other sites but most importantly it’s kept me curious.

I still love sharing that a-ha moment I get when I see innovative advertising. But as I’ve grown as a marketer I’ve come to realise that I get inspiration from a wide range of places. Back in the beginning of this blog I covered a more diverse range of topics from bookshelves to painters to interior design. While this created a bit of a schizophrenic mishmash of topics, I felt I’d gone to far the other way towards advertising. Often I felt like I couldn’t share anything outside that agenda. This meant I blogged about social media for Social Media NZ and on Medium for personal pieces.

I want The Envy Collection to be a place I can share all type of inspiration and learning.

Applying Agile to Blogging

Working at SilverStripe I’ve learnt is how to embrace an agile approach. While usually thought of as a software development process, I’ve found it can apply to all aspects of life. Agile principles encourage releasing working software often (every few weeks), with a focus on feedback loops and adjusting as needed. I’ve started testing new priorities for my time in this way. Giving it

So I’m setting myself a challenge…

  1. Blog every day for 30 days.
  2. For every blog posted also comment on at least one post written by someone else.
  3. Blog weekly on each of the 4 categories in my main navigation menu (Advertising, Web, Design and Marketing)
What I hope to find out 
  • Whether I have the time to blog, if I can fit in a daily blog I have no excuses if I choose to blog 2-3 times a week like previously!
  • If I enjoy blogging more when I cover a wider range of topics (or does this make it harder!)
  • If I find it more enjoyable when I reach out to other bloggers (writing in a void was a barrier in the past)
Why every day? 

One of my biggest struggles with blogging is pressing “publish”. There’s over 50 draft posts stored for this blog. Reading over them I realise I’m my own worst enemy. Some of these were important stories I wanted to share but held back on because I didn’t think it fitted with The Envy Collection’s topic list.

It’s a personality trait I’m sure many marketers, advertising creatives and designers can relate to. Perfectionism. Even this post was supposed to be live two days ago!

Challenging myself to produce something of value each and every day is the best way I can think of to overcome both the dreaded blank page and my natural tendency to over polish and under publish!

Finally, I choose every day because it scares me. I’m not sure I can actually do it. Even if I manage 70% or 21 posts I’ll be thrilled. And after all, nothing worth having was ever easy!

How can you help? 

I’m imagining the first few days will be easy enough but as life gets busy I’ll start making excuses. Feel free to call my out if you see I miss a day! Or if you enjoy a post, please leave a comment. A little positive feedback goes a huge way for a blogger.


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