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Stop calling it content marketing!

Tonight was my first real struggle with my 30 day blogging challenge. I had an after hours conference call to London (less glamorous than it sounds) and a work presentation to write.I didn’t want to rush my report on Concentrate’s presentation “What’s stopping kiwi tech companies selling more?”. I was convinced a quick update was all I had time for. Maybe a teaser to a longer post later. To my surprise it morphed into a full blog post.Well done 30 day challenge – you tricked me into blogging!

So here’s my thoughts on why “content marketing” is a rubbish term…  Read more

Hemmingway app – helping you write good

Today was a great learning day! I attended two great marketing events:

In the next couple of days I’ll be sharing what I learned at these. Today I want to share a handy writing tool I discovered, Hemingway Editor. Read more

Website Envy: Walking New York

Yesterday I explained that I wanted to broaden the scope of the inspiration covered by The Envy Collection. Today I’m starting this new direction with some website envy, sharing the online design and content that inspires me.

I’ve been impressed with The New York Times interactive editorial features since Snowfall in 2012. Snowfall dissected the avalanche tragedy of Tunnel Creek. It showed long form content could be a pleasure to read online. The article was viewed over 3.5 million times, was widely heralded as the future of online journalism and won journalist John Branch a Pulitzer prize.

A couple of years on, the main New York Times is still an online mirror of their paper version which suits the huge number of articles published each day. They still occasionally publish more interactive feature pieces merging web design and content for stunning results. Read more

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

It’s been a while since I last posted. As part of my new role at SilverStripe I regularly blog on our company site. SilverStripe develops a fantastic open source CMS (content management system) so my personal WordPress blog felt a bit like cheating! Writing on The Envy Collection lost a bit of it’s shine and my enthusiasm waned.

There’s a few other poor excuses which boil down to not making blogging a priority. I’m a big believer that if something’s not being done, it’s not that it’s not important, rather it’s not a priority.

It was D-day for The Envy Collection. I needed to make a call on whether I packed in blogging completely or gave it another go. Was blogging worth making a priority again? Read more