Resene’s Surprise Christmas Presents

Usually brands spreading Christmas cheer makes me cringe but this idea actually delighted me. I came across a mysterious present in the middle of Auckland’s CBD.

On closer inspection I found that paint company Resene’s had installed a box of Kiwi Christmas. Inside was golden sand, a Pohutakawa tree and a tree swing. I found another box a few streets away that contained a backyard cricket scene. Maybe it was the amazing Auckland weather improving my mood, but I really enjoyed this unexpected find and the Christmas holidays seemed a little bit closer.

Resenes Christmas Box

I tried to see on Resene’s Facebook page and website if the Christmas boxes are linked to a wider campaign and haven’t found any mentions. I’m based in Wellington so I was curious to know if I would be able to spot any around town. It seems like a fun idea that could have been taken further with some gamification or social media links. I was surprised that their wasn’t any link to their Kiwi colour names. That said, I may have instead been criticising them for overly commercialising the idea so it’s probably a no win! Thanks for the surprise Resene!

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