The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#9)

Each week we put the three best Kiwi ads from the previous week head-to-head against three international campaigns. Last time we had the first ever international winner with Colgate’s Sweet Treat sampling campaign. This week VW’s crowd sourced ad goes head to head with 200 synchronized toasters.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at the end of the post!

Friday Envy: The Kiwi Trio

1. Forest & Bird “NZ on the block” 

Envy worthy because:  Shows how a clever idea doesn’t need to cost a lot 

Real estate signs with a hidden agenda have begin popping up around our beaches, rivers and public conservation land thanks to Forest & Bird’s “On the block” campaign. It’s a low cost idea that should still be effective at drawing attention to sales of these assets in the lead up to the 2014 elections. As the elections draw nearer it will be interesting to see how non-profits find creative ways to get their messages into the media and at the forefront of voter’s minds.

2. Electoral Commission – Vote 

Envy worthy because: Creates a sense that voting is patriotic right 

In the last elections voter turnout was the lowest since 1887 with only 74.2% of those eligible participating. The Electoral Commission has launched this campaign to encourage higher voter turnout. Not entirely sure whether the cameo from the “Nek Minnit” guy was necessary but the stark, direct approach combined with the 45 second format does cut through the TV clutter. It will be interesting to see if this campaign inspires the desired change come Sept 20.

They’ve also roped in singer Lorde to encourage voting – even though she’s not actually old enough to vote yet. She’s the coolest kiwi export in a long time, so her star power might be what it takes to make voting cool this election.

3. VW “The People’s Film”

Envy worthy because: Entirely created from crowd sourced fan videos/photos

This local ad for European car brand Volkswagen used crowd sourced footage to ensure they stayed relevant by showing the uniquely Kiwi side of their brand history. It’s a lovely contrast to the usual flashy automative commercials.

“As a European brand, if you are not careful you can easily be seen as too premium and out of reach … The project was a leap of faith that our customers could tell the story, as opposed to creating/crafting it ourselves.” ~ Tom Ruddenklau, GM – Volkswagen NZ

Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Talista “Finished Milk”

Envy worthy because: Cheeky and effective plus takes a risk by not showing the actual product 

This campaign is worthy of envy because it achieved 62% brand awareness in just 3 weeks! This is an interesting case study showing how to win with comparative advertising, I’d love to know how they obtained their competitors’ exact TV schedules!

2. Apple “Stickers”

Envy worthy because: Shows how to continue consistency in advertising but add a fresh twist 

This Apple ad reinforces the love people feel for their products, it’s fun to watch and a good evolution in their advertising style.

3. Demspter’s “The Beauty of Whole Grain”

Envy worthy because: Imagine the patience this took! 

Dempster’s used hundreds of slices of bread and 220 perfectly timed toasters to tell the story of their new and improved line-up of 100% Whole Grain breads.The cameras captured popping toast, one after another, to create a flipbook style animation. Then they added a catchy song that’s actually quite cute “yes we made a song about bread, sorry if it’s stuck in your head“.

Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Which ad do you think was this best this week? Make sure you vote for your favourite!

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