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Why Z? When Branding & Company Culture Meet

Yesterday I attended a fascinating talk on company culture by Z Energy’s CEO Mike Bennetts. It’s an area that I’m passionate about but is often dismissed as “airy fairy”. Companies often advertise external cultures at juxtapositions to the internal reality. Corporate slogans like “Ideas for life” and “Making a better world” are a dime a dozen.

But true company culture extends far beyond the branding and marketing departments.  When embraced culture can provide companies with a strong point of difference even in commodity based markets. The truly great company culture provides tangible value that benefits the customer as well as the staff and shareholders.

Mike was quick to explain that while he was behind the purpose of Z Energy, his job as CEO was to set the “why” and stand back for the rest of the teams to live it out. Most of the successes were credited to the wider Z Energy team, Mike doesn’t use the word “I” frequently. Read more

How I spent Social Media Day

In case you missed it, yesterday was international Social Media Day. One of those fantastic made up days that often goes unnoticed. Let’s be honest, if there’s not a public holiday attached it’s business as usual. It could have slipped by unnoticed like Soap Opera Day (1st April) or Phone Book Day (21st Feb) had the lovely people at Hootsuite and BizDojo not decided to put on a fantastic event to celebrate. Read more

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