The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#8)

Each week we put the three best Kiwi ads from the previous week head-to-head against three international campaigns. Last week kiwi charity Brother’s in Arms won the most votes with their unusual charity campaign which actually gave away money in order to lure in new sponsors. This week Air NZ releases a synchronized skiing video, Virgin Mobile Australia is turning food posts into real meals, some truly feral beards and vending machines are hijacked to dispense toothpaste.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at the end of the post!

Friday Envy: The Kiwi Trio

1. Air New Zealand “Meanwhile in NZ”

Envy worthy because:  Slow motion synchronized skiing in winter jumpers – what’s not to love? 

To promote daily access to New Zealand ski fields to the Australian market Air NZ created this YouTube video with online content creators Diaries Downunder. The video shot on Isobel Glacier on Mount Aspiring – the location was accessed by helicopter.


2. McDonald’s “Skill Zone”  

Envy worthy because: The kid actor is brilliant! 

Perfectly timed for the Football World Cup McDonald’s promotes their support of the Skill Zone Program. The ad has fantastic copywriting that connects strongly on an emotional level. I’ve seen it a number of times on TV but I always find myself giving it my full attention. Unusual in this age of distracted TV watching.


3. Schick “Free your skin” 

Envy worthy because: Who doesn’t love a great hipster beard? 

In print and on Facebook Schick has been appealing to Kiwi men to free their faces from the trend of hipster beards – with some cleverly photoshopped beard creatures.



Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Virgin Mobile Australia “Making Mobile Better” 

Envy worthy because: Finds a way to turn instragramming your dinner from annoying to charitable

Apparently “food photos” are the thrid most common type of image shared by social media users in Australia (top are location and selfies). If we’re honest instragamming food is one of those self centered habits that has arisen from social media. We’re not really “sharing” when we post food photos – we’re basically saying “look at this delicious meal I’m about to eat, be super jealous you’re not eating it too”.

Well now Virgin Mobile Australia is now allowing Australians to literally share food when they post on social media. Virgin is donating a meal to someone in need for every food photo posted to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #mealforameal hashtag. 1 hashtag = 1 meal and the goal is to share 400,000 meals with people in need – you can learn more about the campaign at


2. Colgate “Sweetest Treat”  

Envy worthy because: Targets consumers with samples when they need them the most 

Colgate rewired vending machines to deliver free product samples of toothpaste when people brought a sweet treat in the afternoon.

Similar to this clever cross-selling I saw at my local supermarket – pairing sensitive toothpaste with the ice cream aisle – brilliant!

3. Teach for India “Children”

Envy worthy because: Simple and striking print ad

Teach for India works towards ending education inequality in India. This simple and striking message packs a powerful punch.


Source – Ads of the world 

Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Which ad do you think was this best this week? Make sure you vote for your favourite!

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