The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#7)

Each week we put the three best Kiwi ads from the previous week head-to-head against three international campaigns. Last week’s Ad Envy was a close race resulting in a tie between Hell Pizza’s “Kangaroo Ransom” and Burger King’s “Proud Burger”. While both fast food brands the two campaigns couldn’t be more different! With a lack of major campaigns launching in NZ this week it may be the first time the international ads take out the Friday Ad Envy. The international contenders include an Lego oil spill, underwater selfies and an apology for spamming.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at the end of the post!

Friday Envy: The Kiwi Trio

1. Brothers in arms “Bank Job” 

Envy worthy because: Opened doors for a charity without costing a cent

When you’re a charity it can be hard to get through to the key influencers when approaching potential sponsors and it’s hard to justify spending money on advertising rather your cause. FCB turned the fundraising concept on it’s head, rather than asking for money they gave it away!

Brothers in Arms (BIA) is a mentoring charity in New Zealand. BIA made a series of $1 deposits into the accounts of top Kiwi businesses. These linked on the company bank statement to form a message. Since the deposit couldn’t balance against any invoice, it became an error that was impossible to ignore, and had to be resolved. The easiest way to do this was simply to return the money. But to do that the corporate had to call BIA, leading to a discussion about sponsorship. All without costing B.I.A. a cent. Pretty clever!

2. Sky “Commonwealth Time Tunnel”

Envy worthy because: Who doesn’t want to imagine themselves as a champion sprinter, extreme slow mo finish and all? 

Sky created a state of the art running track so the public can gauge their running performance against previous Commonwealth Games. Each run is captured using a series of motion sensors and digital cameras.

SKY Time Tunnel_Facebook

3. Prime TV “Elton’s rose tinted glasses”

To promote Prime TV’s Elton John Special FCB created an online banner that would let users browse the web as Elton would – through his iconic rose-coloured glasses. To be honest the selection of kiwi ads released this week this was a bit thin. This a cute idea but a bit of a gimmick – would have been cooler if a text replacer (similar to Gizoogle) was incorporated to change negative words to positive ones!

64085_Elton Vision v5

Image source:

Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Samsung “Underwater Selfie”

Envy worthy because: Demonstrates product benefit while creating buzz 

To promote the new water resistant Samsung a unique way to demonstrate the product was devised. People could score a free Samsung phone if they took up the challenge of an “Underwater Selfie”.

2. Greenpeace “Lego: Everything is not awesome” 

Envy worthy because: It’s bringing worldwide attention to which companies partner together

Greenpeace has released a video and petition calling on Lego to end its partnership with Shell. In the two minute clip, shared on social media almost a million times in the first 24 hours, a camera pans across an Arctic scene that has been built out of Lego, complete with polar bears and huskies. A somber version of the Lego movie song “Everything is (not) Awesome” plays as a oil spill overcomes the scene, only the Shell flag remains uncovered at the finish. The clip has been removed from most YouTube links due to copyright issues but can still be viewed on the Mirror’s website.

LEGO-Everything-is-not-awesome (1)

3. Three Mobile “Sorry for the holiday spam”

Envy worthy because: the tongue in cheek approach reinforces product benefit

Three Mobile released a mock apology to social media users sick of seeing plane wings and sunsets in their newsfeeds. The campaign was designed to promote new “feel at home” mobile packages for international data use. It’s a fun campaign that shows an understanding of how their customers use their data when on holiday.


Image source:


Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Were you more impressed by BIA’s donation stunt or Samsung’s underwater selfies? Make sure to vote for your favourite ad in the poll below!

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