The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#6)

Last week we saw the anti-smoking campaign “Stop before you start” take over 90% of the votes in another landslide victory for the Kiwi ads. In this week’s ad envy previous winner “What We Do In The Shadows” makes another appearance, Hell Pizza ransoms kangaroos and Burger King releases a “Proud Whopper” with a surprisingly deep message. Kiwi ads have reigned supreme for the past 5 weeks – will an international entrant take center stage this week? Don’t forget to vote for you favourite ad at the end of the post.

Friday Envy: New Zealand Trio

1.Hell Pizza “Kangaroo Ransom” 

Kiwis enjoy a bit of Aussie banter and this billboard from Hell takes full advantage of the cross-Tasman rivalry.

Hell Kangaroo Billboard

Image sourced from Campaign Brief

And in case the billboards weren’t taken seriously, this ransom video also surfaced.


2. WWF “Maui’s Dolphins” 

The simple execution gets the plight of the Maui’s Dolphin across in a striking way. There’s only 55 Maui’s Dolphins remaining, and they need all the advertising and New Zealand support they can get! You can sign the petition to show your support for protecting these rare dolphin’s on the WWF NZ website.


Image sourced from


3. What we do in the Shadows “Dance like a Vampire”

The Kiwi vampire mocumentary makes another appearance in the Friday Envy (after the Vellington Sign had a landslide victory a few weeks ago). This time it’s with a clever motion tracking projection that let Wellingtonian’s dance like a vampire. The brilliant folks at Clemenger BBDO and SpyGlass made this magic happen.

Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1.Burger King “Proud Whopper”

Burger King released customer reactions to their “Proud Whopper” launched for San Francisco Gay Pride celebrations – you might be surprised by the hidden message. I won’t give too much away but watch the clip for some warm fuzzies.


2. Getty Images “Tell any story you want”

This is a series of print ads showing the range of imagery that Getty Images can provide. I think simplicity works in print and the white models allow the message and Getty images stand out.

Image sourced from Ads of the World

Image sourced from Ads of the World

3. Promart “The Perfect Daughter” 

It’s not often you think of emotional storytelling when thinking hardware advertising but this commercial for Promart hits the nail on the head (so to speak…).

Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Do you prefer dancing vampires, proud burgers or soft-hearted hardware? Vote for your favourite ad below!



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