How I spent Social Media Day

In case you missed it, yesterday was international Social Media Day. One of those fantastic made up days that often goes unnoticed. Let’s be honest, if there’s not a public holiday attached it’s business as usual. It could have slipped by unnoticed like Soap Opera Day (1st April) or Phone Book Day (21st Feb) had the lovely people at Hootsuite and BizDojo not decided to put on a fantastic event to celebrate.

First points were scored for the awesome venue. Given I’ve always dreamed of living in a New York style loft it’s hardly surprising I felt right at home. White paper banners divided the otherwise cavernous room and crates were stacked with pallets to create cheap bar leaners. The venue is Biz Dojo’s newest co-working space, check out Project Blank Canvas for more. I envy the people that get to move in!

Next points have to be given for the event format. Four fantastic speakers were given 5 minutes for their top 5 social media tips. It was great to hear from a variety of speakers with very different and interesting viewpoints.

Here’s a couple of gems from the speakers:

1. Pete Robson – Z Energy @pete_robson

  • Being successful in social media depends on following the community rules, not your company ones
  • Always respond, but never react (don’t get emotional!)
  • Get it, live it, love it – make sure you fully understand social media and can confidently communicate in your community’s space.

2. Matthew Yardley – Chow Wellington @ChowWellington

  • Created Twitter competition #datenight with the goal of owning the mental space around date nights (eg. thinking of taking a date out, Chow is the first name that pops into your mind)
  • Date night competition also gives audience something to talk about (eg what would you order if you won?)
  • If you’re going to run competitions make sure your rewards are relevant and reinforce your brand

3. Joanne Carr – Tuatara Brewery @Ringoslover21

  • Content people are a special breed – they must combine marketing/social media/customer support together
  • For the best results include social media teams at the planning stages, not as an afterthought
  • Content will be better if you unchain your social team and let them go into the “wild” (attend company events and be immersed in the brand)

4. DK – Advisor/Speaker/Producer on ‘Beyond Social Media Marketing’ @justadandk

  • To be awesome at social media, you have to LISTEN to your audience
  • Social media is like a mardi gras not a shopping mall
  • You have to serve your community before trying to extract value

To catch up on even more of the insights shared check out the event hashtag #HootUpWLG.

Lastly – big kudos to  for MC-ing. It’s never easy being the MC for an event as it’s your job to glue everything together and keep it running seamlessly. Kath did an amazing job of introducing the speakers with the right touch of humour and reverence. Also thanks to  and  for putting the event together. Bravo!

I’m not sure if there will be follow up #Hootup events but I certainly hope so. If you’re at all interested in social media there’s a number of similar free events including Social Media Club (here’s the Facebook pages for Auckland, HamiltonWellington and Christchurch). Events are very inclusive and the audience usually covers a range of professions from business owners, designers, web developers, marketers as well as social media people. They’re a great way to learn and meet people. I would highly advise trying to get along to this types of event whenever possible.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know about another event I attended – a talk about company culture by the amazing Mike Bennetts, CEO of Z Energy. Mike was filled with wisdom so keep an eye out for that post!


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