The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#4)

Last week vampire mocumentary “What We Do In The Shadows” slaughtered the competition taking over 95% of the votes for ad of the week. This week another vampire promotion goes up against a kiwi Cannes winner, an epic selfie competition and a host of other brilliant ads. Make sure to vote for your favourite at the end of the post.

Friday Envy: New Zealand Trio

1. Sky “True Blood Season 6”

With such strong support for the undead last week it seems appropriate to kick off with another vampire advertisement. This week it’s Sky’s promotion for the new season of True Blood. The ad uses a technique called “Spritz” to condense the entire season’s highlights into 30 seconds (more information on this here). Spritz allows you to read up to 60% faster by taking away the need to move your eyes from left to right across a line of text. It’s a really intriguing format which helped build excitement into the message. An appropriate use of the technique, but I’m not sure I want to see every ad using this!

2. Sony “Bottled Walkman”

I thought it would be appropriate to highlight one of the Kiwi Cannes Lion award winner – my favourite was Sony’s “Bottled Walkman”. It’s exactly what it sounds like, Sony hijacked vending machine in swimming pools to promote their waterproof walkmans. Agency FCB won a bronze Cannes Lion for design.



3. Positively Wellington Tourism “Wellington has things”

As a proud Wellingtonian I loved this humorous tourism video aimed at the Aussie market. Apparently Wellington’s things includes “real seals doing real seal things”, “nature things and the likes” and “arty farty stuff”. What’s not to love?

Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Pantene “Not Sorry” 

It’s taken me a while to embrace my feminist side (just for those cringing – feminism simply means support gender equality – time to update your bra burning stereotypes!). While the cyncial side of me understands that Pantene’s goal is to sell more shampoo I do appreciate their approach to the growing Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In” movement. Pantene’s “Not Sorry” is the follow up to last year’s “Labels Against Women”.

The original followed on closely to Sandberg’s observations on gender labeling in the workplace such as men are often described as confident while women are seen as bossy. The second installment builds on this and expands into new territory – the common habit of women to over apologise. While this might not end gender inequality I applaud any attempt to spark conversations around this topic.

2. Turkish Airlines “The Selfie Shoot Out” 

Most Football World Cup advertising is big budget, flashy and gets millions of views online – this is no different. The epic “selfie shoot out” between foot icon Lionel Messi and basketball star Kobe Bryant has had over 137 million views on YouTube.  But what I like about this Turkish Airlines ad is that it hasn’t lost sight of the purpose of advertising and reinforces their key USP – that they fly to more places than any other airline.

3. Penguin “Don’t Imagine”

I love this simple print ad campaign from Penguin. You can see the whole series here.

Penguin Books Penguin Books1









Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Will another vampire ad take out this week’s Friday Envy? Make sure you vote for your favourite below.

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