The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#2)

For Friday Envy #2 I’ve focused on the telecommunications industry. You may have also noticed that most of the major NZ brands Telecom, Vodafone and Skinny have all released large budget, long form ads that are certainly unique!

In the first ever Friday Ad Envy Lotto took out the favourite ad with “High Five to Robyn Malcolm”.  Will a NZ brand will reign supreme again this week? Vote for your favourite ad this week at the end of the post.

Friday Envy: New Zealand Trio

1. Telecom’s Giganaire 

Following Telecom New Zealand’s announcement that it will be offering customers Unlimited Broadband Data plans, Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a new creative campaign ‘Giganaire’.

2. Vodafone “Bowl Cuts”

Vodafone’s Supernet plays on FOMO (the fear of missing out). Bringing back the bowl cut with the help of a sprinkling of NZ celebs including Mark Sainsbury, Warriors players, Jude Dobson.

3. Skinny Mobile “Awesome Happens Together” 

My favourite of the kiwi contenders is Skinny Mobile – its gets my toe tapping and made me smile. It also seemed less contrived than the Telecom and Vodafone offerings.


Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Mobile Telesystems – Instagram Provocation 

Russian Telecommunications company MTS launched a new 4G internet network with the main advantage its high speed. MTS and BBDO Moscow decided to demonstrate not just the high speed of the mobile internet but how higher speed would improve their online experience… 

Three attractive Russian show-biz Instagrammers – Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva and Anna Sedokova – were recruited to upload photos with scandalous hashtags. The picture seemed to be half-downloaded. Two hours later it was revealed this was all a MTS 4G ad. The campaign was seen by over 3 million people, but I can’t help thinking everyone was excited to be tricked by MTS!

2. I’m a Textpert 

Another rap entry – YouTube “intertainers” Rhett and Link created this social video warning against texting and driving. It gets a mention as it was one of the most viewed ads on YouTube in April – being viewed over 2.7 million times. Not bad for a public service announcement.

3. Motorola Moto E 

Motorola created a vertical tunnel showcasing the features of their new phone as it tumbles gracefully. While the scratch-proof screen appeals to me (onto my third iphone screen) the rest of the ad lacks substance. Seems like the creative idea led the concept rather than the message. 

Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Will one of the New Zealand phone companies win Friday Envy again or did one of the global campaigns impress you the most? Vote for your favourite!


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