The Friday Envy – The week’s best ads (#1)

Today I’m excited to be releasing a new feature on The Envy Collection – The Friday Envy. It’s a round up of three of the best campaigns from New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Consider this NZ against everyone else and vote for your favourite campaign. Some outstanding advertising comes out of New Zealand so I think we’re ready to take on the rest of the world!

Friday Envy: New Zealand Trio

Starting the first ever Friday Envy representing New Zealand are Lotto’s high five for Robyn Malcolm, a cheeky print ad from Mons Royale and Rebel Sports cinematic “Ode to the Winter Athlete”.

1. Lotto’s Winning Happens 

Lotto’s “Winning Happens” campaign brings the feeling of winning to life with high fives. The main character and the high fives have continued across on Lotto’s Facebook page and in a number of short clips with famous successful Kiwis. My favourite has to be Robyn Malcolm:

2. Mons Royale – Warming up the press 

You may remember the controversial “Kiwis on an expensive ski holiday” article written by Dana Johannsen (NZ Herald) during the Winter Olympic games back in Feb ( It caused quite the stir, and formed some very heated discussions within the NZ snow sports world. Mons Royale, a sponsor of the NZ Winter Olympics team decided to have a little fun. Unfortunately Dana wasn’t able to accept the Monsie so to was sent back and then given away on Mons Royale’s Facebook Page.

Mons Royale Print Ad

3. Rebel Sports “Ode to Winter”

I’m loving Rebel Sports follow up to their “Sprinting of Flight” campaign. It’s a beautiful piece of advertising that cuts through the usual shouty sales messages we accept from retailers. More on the campaign on my earlier post “Rebel Sports Woos the Winter Athlete“.

Friday Envy: Offshore Trio

1. Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

From Bogota, Coloumbia Coke created a twist top that can only be opened with the help of a friend. A unique ice breaker for the first day of university.

2. 3M Lint Roller

This reminds me of my dog (a pure white Japanese Spitz) and my constant battle to lint roll my mainly black wardrobe. The black and white photography is sure to stand out in a magazine context.

3M Print Ad Lint RollerSource: Ads of the World 

3. Heineken “Shoe Sale”

A tad sexist but also hilarious. Heineken Brazil organised a one night only 3 hour shoe sale with discounts up to 50% to lure away women, so men could watch the UEFA Champions Final. Win, win really!

Friday Envy: Vote for your favourite 

Will New Zealand be victorious in the inaugural Friday Envy or did one of the global campaigns impress you the most? Vote for your favourite!


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