Rebel Sports Woos Winter Athletes

Last year I was pleasantly surprised by Rebel Sport’s brand campaign “Flight or Sprinting”. A departure from traditional retailer sales advertising it was a truly stunning commercial. It’s great to see that they’ve backed this up with an ode to the winter athlete.

Another beautifully shot and wonderfully scripted piece that blurs the line between advertising and film. The commercial shot in Queenstown and Auckland perfectly echoes the psychology of winter sports. Adding a familiar rugged Kiwi voice is All Black veteran Brad Thorn.

We wanted to celebrate the grassroots winter athlete. Our uncompromising approach to winter sports is something that has shaped us as individuals and as a nation. We wanted to focus less on gameplay and more on the emotion of playing sport not just against the opposition but also against the elements.

~   Angus Hennah, Ogilvy & Mather /

I’d love to see this story carry through other communication channels also. The sense of pride in playing a winter sport creates a fundamental bond that online communities can be formed around. A Facebook Player of the Day app allowing nominations for teams who battle against winter extremes could be one such idea (I once played a hockey game in hail that was eventually cancelled because a flying goal nearly wiped out a goalie!).

Hopefully Rebel Sports connects this brilliant brand advertising with everyday tactical activities so it forms a ongoing dialogue rather than an isolated message.


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