Lorde Thanks Fans With Full Page Ad

As most know, Lorde is an extraordinary singer who has quickly risen to meteoric fame, and become a national icon. Her success is in part due to her intuitive understanding of her own personal brand and how to market herself. A perfect example is this full page ad she placed in the NZ Herald after winning two Grammys and prior to her Laneways concert. 

Image via Adweek

This clever move will appease anyone still miffed that Lorde didn’t thank NZ specifically at the Grammys (did anyone expect Beyonce to thank America?). And for Lorde’s already devoted fans this thank you letter is sure to make them love her even more. 

It’s a classy move, well done Lorde! 

Here’s another example of how Lorde has been marketed in the States. When her album was launched the cover art and release date was placed on the back windscreen of cars in the Los Angeles area. The clever part was that the cars belonged to genuine Lorde fans, meaning they weren’t just ads but also testimonials.  

Image via PRnewswire.com

So far 17 year old Lorde seems to intuitively understand how branding and marketing works. It will be interesting to see how she develops her brand in the year following her global hit and Grammy wins. 

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