Should movies and advertising really mix?

We’ve become familiar with brands slipping product placements into movies, mixing brand names into our favourite characters lives. When done in a subtle and logical way we’re usually accepting of this practice. Lately I’ved a new trend that leaves me wondering how close should entertainment and advertising mix. Both Anchorman 2 and Super Returns have partnered with brands to release advertising campaign which also act as movie trailers. 

Essentially these are ads for movies inside ads for products. I’m assuming it allows movie promoters to push their new releases at a reduced cost – but could this negatively affect a movie release? Do you risk your audience tiring of your lead character before the movie even hits cinemas? And does your opinion of that character change when they become associated with a brand?

How the movie name or characters are used will determine the resulting impact. While I think the following adverts work well, the approach should be used sparely by promoters. It won’t always work. And it may just alienate your audience.  

Take a look at these examples and then leave a comment letting me know if you are more or less likely to watch these movies?
1. Ron Burgundy Sells Cars 

See more Ron Sells Cars Ads on the Dodge Youtube channel.

2. Superman Returns for Carls Jr  

Thankfully Carl Jr choose to have Superman as a background character rather than actually holding a burger! Maybe the promoters knew that would be a step too far.

Did these ads affect your desire to see Anchorman 2 or Superman Returns?

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