Make Me Famous! Attention Grabbing Personal Marketing

Human nature enjoys attention. We love seeing our own names in print. It makes us feel special. Noticed and appreciated. 

My attention was grabbed by NZ Marketing’s personalised cover:   

Click more to see other examples of personalised marketing.

1. Nutella Personalised Jar Labels 
A Facebook app allowed Nutella fans in Belgium to personalised their jar labels. A limited number were available each day and they went quick. The promotion was extended due to the begging of Facebook fans. People were encouraged to share photos of their jars on Instagram also – I particularly liked this version: 
Similarly Coke has also released named bottles and cans in several countries:
2. Westfield Valentine’s Day Billboards 
This competition to have your Valentine’s message made into a billboard resulted in two marriage proposals but I thought this was the best winner:
3. Porsche “Closer than you think” Campaign 
A Toronto Porsche dealership came up a brilliant direct mail concept. While it’s not exactly “named” it’s certainly personal marketing. They parked a new Porsche outside affluent homes and took a photo then left a flyer saying “It’s closer than you think”. Resulting in a 32% response rate – even if this is a little creepy it was effective! 
Photo source: 

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