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Social Media NZ: Best Use of Social Media Award

There’s always a lot of talk about social media and what it can do for brands but it’s hard to separate the facts from the hype. I was the guest judge for Social Media NZ‘s Best Use of Social Media Award for June and decided this honour should go to Whitaker’s for their Chocolate Lover’s Facebook page. I sat down with Jasmine Griffin, Brand Manager at Whittaker’s to learn about what they are doing and what results they are achieving. From sell out product launches to having over 129,000 fans these guys are a shining example of how social media should be done. It was a fascinating discussion with valuable lessons for anyone using Facebook to promote a business or a brand. You can read the full article here.  

I would love to hear your feedback – please leave a comment here or on the Social Media NZ site with your thoughts. 

Shout an Olympian a Moa

The Olympics is now just a couple of months away and hoping to gain some of the associated glory of the games sponsors are launching their campaigns. Cadbury, Coca-Cola and Sky so far released TV campaigns but brands with slightly smaller budgets need to find other ways to leverage their involvement. Moa, the official beer of the NZ Olympic team have launched a Facebook competition allowing you to shout an Olympian a Moa.

While the concept of shouting an athlete training for the Olympics a beer seems slightly odd this does play nicely to the Kiwi culture of shouting mates at the local. By shouting your favourite Olympian a beer (essentially a voting mechanism) you go into the draw to take a share of a ‘podium of beer’. First place wins a pallet of Moa beer… that’s 132 dozen or 1,584 bottles! 

Rather than actually receiving the virtual beers the public shouts them, each athlete will receive a magnum of Moa beer and a scroll with messages of support from each voter. And if you can’t think of the perfect words for your favourite athlete then the random message generator will craft a gem for you (for example: Brown champagne for you, my Olympic friend.) 

Enviable Elements

  • Consistency of concept – Moa have found a way to link their product to the Olympics and have woven the connection throughout the competition wording 
  • Injection of personality – Moa has taken a light hearted approach and the language reflects their brand personality (swimmers are categorized as ‘fish’!) and the bizarre but amusing sports portraits (right) 

Moa have also partnered with Grabaseat to give away a trip for two to the London Olympics – entry is by purchasing Moa beer and sending in your receipt with this form (oddly there is no online entry available). 

Let me now what you think of the Moa campaign and whether you seen any other Olympics advertising!