NZTA Personalised Advertising Wins International DM Award

This creative NZTA piece won agency Clemenger BBDO a gold award at the John Caples International Awards for direct marketing. Targeting ferry passengers with cars it makes clever use of the fact the drivers leave their cars during the sailing. A photo was taken as cars boarded the ferry and as the unsuspecting passengers enjoyed the journey, their cars were inserted into personalised flyers. These were then placed onto the windscreen of each car. When the driver returned, likely to be about to embark on a long drive to their final destination, they were reminded about the dangers of driver fatigue.   

I had earlier blogged about this concept in it’s billboard format so was particularly interested in seeing this applied in this personally targeted approach. It’s the type of advertising I love – incredibly targeted, guaranteed to get the audience’s attention and crafted to effectively and memorably deliver the message. 

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