Augmented Reality Uses – Part 7

Use #7 – Bring Your Brand To Life! 

National Geographic uses augmented reality to create close encounters in US malls

It’s no longer enough to talk at consumers – social media and new digital technology means brands can communicate directly with consumers. Like never before, one-to-one communication is possible. To stand out, brands must provide engaging interactions that allow people to experience the brand, after all actions speak louder than words! Augmented reality provides the perfect platform for an engaging brand experience – here’s how two wildlife brands are creating very different results with AR… 

Augmented reality can be used put your audience into someone else’s shoes. This provides a powerful opportunity for charity organisations. WWF Russia let people know how being a Siberian Tiger feels using specially design tee shirts and augmented reality TVs in clothing stores. The result was sure to leave a lasting impression…

National Geographic 
National Geographic used augmented reality to allow people close encounters with magazine subjects from dinosaurs to leopards to astronaut and even a storm. 

Author Profile: Nicole Williams

A self-professed geek with an insatiable appetite for learning. While completing a BCA in Marketing and Commercial Law at Victoria University, Nicole worked her way up from an entry-level position to Marketing Manager (in just 3 years). She created The Envy Collection to showcase clever and inspiring advertising and marketing ideas.  

Connect with Nicole on Twitter – @envycollect

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