Augmented Reality Uses – Part 6

Use #6: Entertain Your Customers

Adidas used augmented reality to create a game controlled by a shoe

Plenty of brands have seen the value of developing games to engage customers and reinforce product messages. Augmented reality elevates game playing to another level, creating an interactive experience that can be unique to each person. 

The benefit to brands is that your product can become an integral part of the game. For example, Adidas has created a game that uses its shoes as the controller (see more here: Wired). Great idea when the shoes are new but wouldn’t suggest after a bit of wear! 

Red Bull AR Race Track
As this clip shows – Red Bull created a free app that allows you to create a custom race track by scanning cans of Red Bull. The augmented reality technology then translates the layout of the cans in real life into a virtual track for you to race on. 

Envied at Augmented Planet

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