‘Occupy George’ Activists Stamp Inequality Graphics On Dollar Bills

Just 400 Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country.

A pair of San Franciscans has given a pointed word picture to support the Occupy Wall Street protests in the form of Occupy George, five graphic stamps placed on $1 bills.

 The income growth disparity in America is wider than it was
pre-Great Depression.
Supporters can download the templates and print their won bills at home, the notes remain legal tender as the serial number is not covered and the notes are not defaced beyond recognition.
In America, the average CEO earns 185 times more than the average worker.
The richest 1% of Americans control over 1/3 of the wealth,
leaving the bottom 80% with less than 1/5.
Under current conditions it’s safe to assume these advertisments will eventually end up in the hands of the one percent!
The differing red overlay graphics use stats — to vividly explain how America’s wealthiest 1% dominate the country’s financial landscape. As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue, this new movement aims to occupy American currency one dollar at a time.

Author Profile: Nicole Williams

A self-professed geek with an insatiable appetite for learning. While completing a BCA in Marketing and Commercial Law at Victoria University, Nicole worked her way up from an entry-level position to Marketing Manager (in just 3 years). She created The Envy Collection to showcase clever and inspiring advertising and marketing ideas.  
Connect with Nicole on Twitter – @envycollect

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