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QVS releases "Design your own print competition"

NZ Fashion Week sponsor QVS have released the Design A Print competition.The winning entry will be featured on a limited edition QVS beauty product and receive a $2,500 prize pack of goodies from moochi, Sable & Minx, Tender Love + Carry, and QVS. Prints will be reviewed by an expert panel of designers and narrowed down to the top five designs. The final decision will then be made by Facebook fans who will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite ( 

M.A.C Party Launches NZ Fashion Week

NZ Fashion Week officially kicked off last night with the opening event hosted by M.A.C Cosmetics. The event features were eight body painted models, each representing famous artists including Warhol, Matisse, Mondrian and Lichtenstein. It took up to six hours to painstakingly hand paint each model for the event.  

Read on to view individual model photos.

Envied at FashioNZ, photos via the The A List

Backing NZ 100% – Pak’n’Petone

Photo via Twitpic

The Soccer World Cup in 2010 perfectly demonstrated the fact, you don’t have to be a sponsor, to capitalise on sporting events. Nike did it with their “Write the future” campaign – features most of the current soccer stars from around the world but perhaps the most remembered were the Bavaria beer girls. The official beer sponsor was… darn I forget… but it wasn’t Bavaria! 36 dutch women dressed in matching orange dresses (the brand colour) were accused of ambush marketing – which carries jail time in South Africa. The girls and brand both denied any association – but the publicity and rumors were still widespread.

It’s becoming critical that sporting event organisers provide value to the sponsors by protecting their share of the publicity from the game. The 2011 Rugby World Cup is certainly working hard in this area – threatening $300,000 fines for using their name or logos and taking small businesses such as pubs to court for daring to advertise they are showing RWC games!

However, there’s still plenty of opportunities for smart operators to cash in on the growing anticipation of the RWC and the feeling of nationalistic pride. Here’s some pictures of the transformation of Pak’n’Save Petone (makes the goal posts that were erected some months ago make a lot more sense!). 

Pak’n’Save Petone 
Although this shop fit out is an individual store effort – it’s in line with the national advertising campaign “Backing NZ 100%”.

Apologies for photo quality – not the best impromptu iPhone snaps! 

There’s no doubt what this support is all about – but cleverly no trademarks or sponsorship rights are infringed – wonder if this will be rolled out wider across other stores…

Inside the store – hundreds of All Blacks flags and even reprints of iconic rugby moments hung as art across the walls – they definitely went all out! 

Auckland Tourism wraps Tower building

One of the New Zealand’s largest (if not the largest) outdoor graphics has just appeared in Auckland. The graphic covers the Tower Building and is 23 metres wide and 54 meters high. It was installed by a team of abseilers who put it together as individual panels. 

The sign advertises the upcoming Rugby World Cup by Auckland Tourism. While we’re envying, Auckland rate payers don’t seem as enamored with the sign, one person commenting on Stoppress “Cool? Taxpayers money spent on a ostentatious and passive print advertisement blown up onto a building? Ogilvy must be laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks Len. All that sustainable talk about public transport and you’re wrapping buildings for kicks?” – Ouch!
 Envied at Stoppress

Harper’s Bazaar’s Secret Cover Designs

Stumbled across this when looking today’s post Color Story: Harpers Bazaar US September 2011, turns out Harper’s Bazaar prints different covers for their general circulation than their subscription base. This strikes me as a great idea as it recognizes the difference between these readers. General circulation buyers are less loyal, they need to see an overview of the features inside to convince them to select from the cluttered magazine rack. Subscribers on the other hand are loyal readers, they don’t need to be convinced. But they do need to be made to feel special, and an exclusive cover design, that’s far less cluttered and much rarer is a good place to start. 

Read on to see cover examples.

Harper’s Bazaar – September 2011 edition – Anne Hathaway

Cover version 1 – General circulation 

Cover version 2 – Subscribers

Note that they haven’t taken the easier option and used the same photo with reduced text, but another shot completely. This further adds to the “exclusivity” for subscribers. This also means that these can become collector’s items and can command prices far beyond the original cover price.  

Miley Cryus – showing the power of a cover – I would have never brought the magazine rack version (left), however the subscriber version is stunning! 

From Harper’s Bazaar UK – view past covers side-by-side here

Quite a few more examples including the next two can be found one the blog life:and:lim.

Gwen Stefani via life:and:lim

Sarah Jessica Parker via life:and:lim 

Color Story: Harpers Bazaar US September 2011

It’s a formula that works so well for dramatic fashion photography – beautiful model, blue sky, harsh desert landscape. When teamed with these vivid monochromatic dresses the final result is stunning. This was envied on Appelez moi Noemie and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar US Sept 2011.

Model: Maryna Linchuk
Photographer: Paola Kudacki
Stylist: Natasha Royt

Only one problem… for some reason keeps making me think of the Spices Girl’s video clip for “Say you’ll be there”! How’s that for a random blast from the past!

If you want to relive the memory you can view the full video here.

NZ Fashion Week: Absolut Studio

An earlier Envy Collection post envied the Huffer and Absolut collaboration and this month the fashion connection was taken further by the vodka brand with the launch of The Absolut Studio. Designed as a creative space to showcase the best of fashion, art and music across Fashion Weekend (2-3 September). 

Three signature cocktails have been created to represent designers Huffer, Hailwood and Lonely Hearts Club. These can be sampled at the studio along with upcoming New Zealand musicians who will play throughout the weekend. There will even be a set by the DJ duo People of Paris – who is made up of Marc Moore (of Stolen Girlfirends Club) and Steve Dunstan (of Huffer). Mixology sessions with Absolut’s mixologist Chris Harrop will school on this and more cocktails.
Click to view the Absolut Fashion site

The Lonely Hearts cocktail contains lime, sugar syrup, mint, soda and pear vodka – yum! 
For those not able to make it to the Absolut Studio, the signature cocktails are being sold at participating bars in the lead up to NZFW and until the 15th of September. Buying Absolut at participating retailers and bars will also qualify consumers to enter a draw for a trip for two to the fashion capital Milan. 
The Absolute NZ Fashion Week campaign was created by Whybin\TBWA\Tequila , Auckland.
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