Prada Men’s Collection Runway Show – "The Field"

Created for Prada’s Mens SS 2012 Collection by design firm OMA / AMO “The Field” organised the 600 visitors into a perfect grid of blue foam blocks.  The models flowed through the grid following multiple choreographed routes that allowed maximum visibility. The beauty is that more of the audience were able to experience the premium “front row” view.

OMA described the interaction between the guests and the collection: 

“The field is a commentary on the audience, transformed from indeterminate crowd to regimented, possibly anxious, isolated individuals. Each guest becomes a challenge for the new fashion; each confrontation becomes highly personal…

Artificial grass covers the floor. Light is provided by 16 panels of 30 PAR lights each, vaguely resembling stadium lighting systems.
The set up refers to the imagery of a geometric outdoors; the audience participates in a perfectly organized picnic…”

View more at OMA.

Runway Show

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