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Nike Stadium Shoe Box

This creative Nike shoe box won a Cannes Lion in 2007. A limited edition of boxes were printed to look like a soccer stadium when opened. By itself this is a cool packaging idea but this was taken a step further with embedded sound chips. When you opened the box you not only saw the stadium but heard the crowd cheering! 

Virtual Shopping: Tesco South Korea

According to Tesco, Korean’s are the second hardest working culture in the world (the winner’s weren’t mentioned) so when looking for a way to compete against the market leader E-Mart they took their stores to the people. Tesco set up virtual stores in subways so people could do their shopping while waiting for trains. South Korea is well-suited for this new store concept with over 10 million smartphone users – that’s 1 in every 5 people! 

How it works  
The virtual shopping experience works by using QR (Quick Response) codes to select food items. The items are arranged to arrive within hours (or even minutes) ensuring that they are ready when the commuter returns home. 

The Results 
Tesco’s sales increased 130% just in three months, and their number of registered users went up by 76%! They are now number one for online groceries and the gap between them and E-Mart has narrowed offline. Whether you see their virtual stores as a display advertising campaign or a new way of building supermarkets in spaces that already exist, that’s a remarkable achievement. (Source: Telegraph UK)
Tesco Homeplus – Virtual Subway Store

25 best TV ads according to Cannes

As judged by Cannes Lions these are the best 25 TV ads from around the world, as you would expect cars and beer dominate but there’s a few other gems. Here’s my favourite picks, the full 25 can be watched here at Stoppress.

Nike – Write the future
Nike’s TV campaign for the 2010 Soccer World Cup was one of the main reasons that it successfully usurped actual event sponsors Adidas. The campaign was viewed on YouTube by over 20 million people. According to a Nielsen survey that tracks brand buzz (by examining brand references in blogs, online message boards, and social networking sites), Nike enjoyed more than double the share of buzz associated with the World Cup than its rival Adidas (30.2% share of buzz vs. 14.4% respectively). 
(source: Harvard Business Review Online)

Nike ‘Write the Future’ by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Independent, London.

Carlton Beer
This ad seeks to demonstrate why men look better in slow moment – the backing music makes this ad. A bit drawn out for my liking though. Check out the dancing man in the striped tee – a dead riger for Jack Black.

Fosters ‘Slo Mo’ by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Plaza Films.

Lynx/Axe – Dry
In traditionally cheeky style – Axe (Lynx) campaigns to stop “Premature Perspiration”.

Unilever ‘Premature Perspiration’, by Ponce Buenos Aires and Primo.

Chrysler “Born of Fire”
Featuring Eminem and his music this ad trys to add cool factor back to Chrysler and plays on American pride. The execution couldn’t be further away from the other car winner VW “The Force” – also worth a watch.

Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’ by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Serial Pictures.

Scope “See the person”
One of two not-for-profits that made the Top 25 honors. This one is from closer to home
Scope ‘See the person’ by Leo Burnett and The Pound in Australia. (NZ unfortunately didn’t do as well as past years at the 2011 Cannes Lions – ending up with a few Bronzes but missing out on grand prizes)

Skittles – Touch the Rainbow
Clever idea to involve the watcher – can’t help feeling like it could have been pushed further with more than one “touch point”.

Skittles ‘Cage Cop’, ‘Hitchhiker’ and ‘Cat’ by BBDO Canada and OPC Toronto.

Google Chrome – Speed Test
Lastly I’ve included this one because it’s obviously good but more interestingly it was the only winner that demonstrated a clear product based USP (unique selling proposition) – the speed of Google’s Chrome. The other ads seemed to rely on the execution alone to support the brand rather than telling me anything that was particularly special about the product (how are slow mo men convincing me that the beer is going to taste good – guess that’s hardly the point though!).

Google ‘Chrome Speed Tests’ by BBH New York and First Ave Machine.