New World – Make a difference with your ideas

This is a rather cute idea – New World is inviting customers to “post” their idea to improve their local store on a virtual pinboard.  The best idea wins $5,000 (and is presumably adopted). This appeals to our desire to voice our opinions and the popular opinion listening to your customers leads to superior service. Current suggestions range from predictable to absurd (really like New World is going to give every shopper a free coffee on arrival?). My favourite is several people that have seriously requested umbrellas for walking to your car in the rain. Not that it’s the worst idea but it’s hardly going to win the $5K… after all it’s the homepage banner page ad for the promotion! Shows the power of subliminal advertising as people seem to genuinely think it’s an original idea. 

Post your own idea here.

Two interesting side points I noted on this site:
  1. It’s actually fascinating to read other people’s submissions, you can loose a lot of time reading the virtual post-its! 
  2. On the homepage NW was running a poll on whether people shopped weekly or as they needed – over 6,000 people had responded – indicating high traffic on the site and high engagement (I would have expected far fewer responses)

Within 8 hours of taking this screen shot another 1,400 ideas were posted
– will be a tough job picking a winner!

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