Jealous much? Fisher and Paykel Display

The fact of life is that there is always someone bigger than you – in my case it’s the appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel. 

As much as my staunchly competitive nature hates to admit – they set the bar pretty high with their branding.

F&P Display – 2009 Auckland Homeshow

I know it’s sick, but F&P’s advertising is one of my guilty little pleasures (even if I’m not a huge product fan). There’s a sleek sophisication in their branding that can not be ignored. Lately they’ve trended towards a black and white/silver colour palette. I’m pretty convinced this is a subconscious tribute to New Zealand national colours (think the All Blacks). With nearly all of their manufacturing based overseas – F&P are desperate to hold onto their title as a New Zealand company and brand. New Zealanders are hugely nationalistic and the belief that they’re buying kiwi is a major plus for F&P products.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a large trans-tasman retail expo and had a chance to see the F&P display up close. Housed in a large 40 foot shipping container is a custom built show kitchen featuring the very best in F&P products teamed with top end kitchen cabinetry and gizmos. I couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed – and totally green with envy! 

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